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Testing the Prevagen Apoaequorin Supplement (Product Review)

Prevagen Apoaequorin Supplement Ever since I became old enough to make my own medical decisions, I have tried as much as possible to choose the most natural systems for treating my body. For example, if I have a slight fever and a cough, instead of taking medicine, I choose to drink a lot of fluids and double my doses of Vitamin C for a while and get some bed rest. When the situation is more serious, I often listen to the advice of doctors from both conventional medicine and to practitioners of natural medicine or homeopathy, before weighing my options and deciding what to do.

My parents, who are strong believers in conventional medicine, didn't like the idea of me seeing practitioners of natural medicine. They didn't think natural supplements or tinctures could help cure or heal medical problems, and they were completely closed to this idea until the day my father began having problems with his memory. Though he'd always been forgetful, which is probably where I'd gotten my own memory issues, as my mother observed, he was now forgetting more and more often or more than the usual. Their doctors tested him for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and dementia, but he didn't fit the criteria or any of these things. The conclusion: he was just getting old.

Not wanting to accept that there was nothing at all that could be done, both my parents decided to ask me for help. They wanted to know if there was any supplement he could take to help him with his memory. I promptly did some research and presented them with several options, not wanting to be the one to choose for them. After going through the papers I'd printed out, they decided on Prevagen Apoaequorin Supplement.

Derived from jellyfish, the Prevagen supplement helps keep brain cells alive longer by replenishing the proteins you lose as you get older, particularly age-fighting proteins or calcium-binding proteins. When you lack these proteins, brain cells involved with learning and memory slowly begin to die. By replacing these proteins, the supplement can help keep the brains learning and memory functions more intact, giving a person increased concentration and more energy.

My parents were quite skeptical about the product for several reasons. First, they weren't really comfortable making the switch to more natural medicine. Second, the supplement is rather expensive, and they didn't know if they should really be spending that much money on a product that has not been approved medical boards. However, these are the risks one takes when practicing more natural medicine, and they decided it was at least worth a try.

After a full month of using Prevagen Apoaequorin, I asked my father if he felt any different. According to him he didn't get the incredible effects he thought he would be getting, but he definitely noticed some effects. First, he noticed that since taking Prevagen, he has been able to focus better and is no longer absent minded when doing a variety of everyday activities. Because of this newfound focus, he is able to do most of the things he has to do quickly and correctly. Second, he has been able to think more quickly and clearly. According to him, mind games like Sudoku, which always escaped him in the past, have now become much easier to do and he actually understands it! Third, he has reported being able to sleep better at night and that he feels that he is very well rested whenever he gets up each morning. Finally, he has noticed that his headaches, caused by stressing his eyes, have decreased or don't occur as often! He also told me that he had decided he would continue taking the supplement and see how it continued from there. To reiterate my father's observations, these weren't amazing improvements and were not exactly the improvements we expected, but they were improvements all the same! They made him feel good about himself and his memory, and this made him happy. I was so glad that the supplement had worked out for him! Another thing I was happy about is that because of Prevagen, both my parents are now more willing to give natural medicine a chance!

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